The BM650 (BM850 also available) is a practical and economical grinding machine ideal for all general and small sharpening centres, that on a dialy basis regrind varying types of smaller blades. The ease of use of the BM model mean it can be used by less experienced personnel.
The compact size allows it to be located even in smaller workshops. Further options like variable carriage speed and external coolant tank and pump, equip the BM machine for the resharpening of carbide tipped knives and profiled inserts (TCT) using one or more high power magnetic chucks mounted in series, and also disposable blade such as Teresa, Variplan, Centrofix, Terminus, Kanefusa, and Sinus. It is also suitable for sharpening blades with concave bevels. Also available in version BMX which includes variable carriage speed and external tank with pump.

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