The Tersa system

The advantages of the Tersa knife system

Speed of knife change
The great advantage of the Tersa system is the amazingly short time it takes to change your knives. Reducing your downtime and saving you a fortune. This is particularly important on Planing machines and Moulding machines.

You can see below that a specially designed gib wedge and centrifugal force, once the rotation is switched on, locks the Tersa knife in the perfect position.

Courtesy WoodTech Tooling USA.

To change the knife just knock the gib wedge down, slide the old knife out, slide the new one in, switch the rotation on and you’re ready to work again!

This means you do not need to dismantle and reset the machine using time consuming screws and keys each time you need to change a knife.

Therefore no technical knowledge or experience is required to change Tersa knives.

Surface Finish
Tersa knives can give a glass-like finish to your wood.

Tool quality
Tersa knives are high quality Swiss Made HSS and Carbide.