Tersa heads and Tersa quick change knives have been the world renowned solution for professionals using wood moulding machines, planing machines and thicknessing machines for over 20 years. Australia Tools is now the only online source for the Swiss quality precision Tersa knives and Tersa heads in Australia.

The TERSA R2000 is revolutionary. The design offers better performance and increased productivity and can be fitted to all machine types.

Tersa knives are mounted in the planing head without screws or keys and fixed in position using centrifugal self adjustment so you don’t have to waste time setting up!

Knife changes can be done in seconds while still on the machine
without any technical skills.
Knives are clamped by centrifugal force and gib wedges – no time
consuming screws!
No knife adjustment is needed – the tersa cutter head maintains a
constant cutting circle
* Easy Maintenance
* Lower Power Consumption
* Low operation noise
* Useable on all machine types
* No final sanding needed
* Tersa knives are double-sided.

Australia Tools provide Tersa knives and the Tersa R2000 cutter head (Tersa block).

TERSA knives are available in HSS, M42 and carbide. You can order TERSA knives in a vast range of lengths direct from the website.